Dealing with the passing of a loved one is a traumatic emotional experience for the family. For many years, a casket or a coffin remains to be the most over-priced item in a funeral.

In 1984, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) began to allow consumers to purchase their own caskets or coffins outside of a funeral home. However, most consumers often did not exercise their rights because they were not informed by their funeral agents and were pressured into buying overpriced caskets or coffins.

The Internet age has provided the public with more alternatives when it comes to choosing funeral products. With the popularity of e-commerce and the fast growing global market, is now fulfilling these demands.

At, we give our customers the best quality at the lowest price. We import our caskets and coffins from well established factories. These factories make thousands of caskets and carefully inspected to ensure our customers receive the best premium quality products that they expect for the price they have paid.