How Do I Receive 

My Funeral Casket?

Good question. Well, the great part about doing business with us is that we ship all over the continental United States with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii. Now, just before you begin thinking that the shipping cost for a funeral casket is astronomical, you need to know that way PAY FOR ALL THE SHIPPING! Orders are typically received by our clients within 24-48 Hours.

What Kinds of Caskets

Do We Sell?

We sell all kinds. We offer 18 Gauge caskets, 20 Gauge caskets, and even oversized and wood caskets. All photos and pricing is listed for your convenience. We know you have questions, and we would love to be of service in any way that we can. Please feel free to contact us (817)877-1416 at any time. Thank you for visiting


SKU: Trellis
18 Gauge

Rose Shaded Silver 

Pink Velvet Interior

Exterior width of casket:   28"
Exterior length of casket:  83"
Exterior height of casket:  23"
Interior width:   24"
Interior length:  79"

Weight:  200 pounds

Rounded Corners
Bronze Shaded Ebony Finish
Biege Velvet Interior
Adjustable Bed and Mattress
Swing Bar Handled Hardware
Complete Locking Mechanism
Full Rubber Gasket Seal

Half Couch Casket
Memory and Record Tube
Continuous Weld Construction (completely seals bottom of casket)

Price: $1,795.00